Stephen Colbert Is My Hero

So I finally saw a video of Stephen Colbert’s speech at the White House Correspondence Dinner and . . . damn . . . I just . . . can’t think of what else to say. Jon Stewart on the Daily Show the following Monday described it as “balls-alicious.” And that’s probably a much better way to describe it. I’d certainly heard about it—not much, but I knew that he gave the speech as his satirically conservative persona, “Stephen Colbert” but I couldn’t find a copy of the speech anywhere. For some reason, the news seemed like it was ignoring it . . . Well, my friend, Nic, fixed that. He put in his blog a link to a site where you can watch it (I feel like I’m mooching off his googling skills if I put a link in mine, so I’ll just include the above link to his blog where you can get to it in his May 03 post—just search for “Stephen talks Bush” and you’ll find part one and two of the speech.

Balls-alicious. Truly balls-alicious. Thank you, Stephen. Thank you for bringing the truth hard where angels fear to tread.


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