Tony Jaa!

Hey, everybody. Well, I started grad school this week and the class wasn’t so bad . . . for being Classical Rhetoric. But that’s neither here nor there because Tony Jaa’s back in town!

That’s right. The Muay Thai fightin’, every bone in your body breakin’, makes me wanna cry ’cause I’ll never be that cool martial arts experience has hit America in “The Protector”–the US release of “Tom Yum Goong.” And it’s baaaaaadaaaaaass to see Mr. Tony Jaa ten feet tall.

Seriously, people. If you have even a passing interest in martial arts movies or action flicks, see this movie. But if you’re diabetic, watch out. It may be too freakin’ sweet! Yeah, that’s right. I went there . . .

And, fuck you, Quentin Tarantino. Quit attaching your name to other people’s stuff because you’re too busy humping old conventions and tired cliches to make anything new. I don’t ever want to associate you and Tony Jaa together in my brain.

But that stupid deutschmark aside, I have nothing but good vibes and happy thoughts for this movie. You owe it to yourself to get your world rocked by Mr. Tony Jaa. It’s priceless (unfortunately, the local theatres seem to think it costs around $9 . . . whatevs). You won’t regret it.



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