There’s a Hole in My Head and It Won’t Stop Bleeding

That’s actually not true. It does stop bleeding . . . every now and then. For a little while. The hole used to hold a wisdom tooth. The good news is that it wasn’t impacted. So it was just like getting a really big tooth removed. Because that is in fact what it was. It was strange. Kind of anti-climactic, actually. I just went in to get an x-ray (to see if it was impacted or not), then the dentist (a nice Asian lady (not important)) asked if I was ready to get it out of there. Four anesthetic shots later and she yanked it out. Just . . . literally pulled the bastard out. It was all big and bloody and evil looking. With four long, spiky root-things. Woohoo. But it’s not so bad.

That’s not true. It aches like a bitch. But my face isn’t swollen or anything because there wasn’t any major surgery. Just a little swollen around the hole. And, I guess it doesn’t hurt so bad. The codeine helps.

Actually, you don’t have to feel bad for me because this all happened on Monday. It doesn’t even hurt anymore (with or without the codeine). It’s just more dramatic if it’s in the present tense. It does feel weird, though, having a large hole on the left side of my mouth. I guess I used it more than I thought. Now I get to wait a few months and then get the other one yanked out (when I can afford it). Can’t wait!


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