Settling in

Well, I feel like I’m finally settling in to the Chicago lifestyle. I finally feel at home in the city and my neighborhood is familiar. it’s a good feeling. I’m starting to meet people and collect friends. And I generally feel I know what I’m doing in regards to school (although I haven’t introduced myself to any of my profs).

I’m still looking for a job though. Unfortunately, the school that I subbed at tries to fill its position internally before they call substitute teachers, so it will be unreliable as a source of income at best. I did find a job on Craig’s List (God bless you, Craig’s List) for a “young editor/writer interested in the arts.” It’s with a small company and is perfect for a recent grduate or current student. In other words . . . it’s my dream job. I’ve sent a resume and cover letter but I’ve conviced myself that I’ll never get the job. I want it to much. That’s how these things work, right?


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