Just Deal With It (Oh, and It’s Important You Vote)

Well, the country is a-tizzy with the upcoming mid-term elections, but honestly, people, I don’t give a damn. Could it be the obnoxious campaign commercials? A little. Could it be the fact that I can’t tell the difference between one jackass candidate and the other? A little more. They bat insults back and forth like a game of rhetorical badminton, so long as they don’t have to actually talk about anything. Because they don’t have anything to say. I’m believing more and more that really politicians are all just actors. People commissioned to play a part. They stand up in Congress, at city hall, in the White House and they speak words that they didn’t even write, words designed to lull us into a warm and cozy lucid state. They don their public personae the way an athlete dons a uniform. Go, Team! Go! Then, after the games are done, they take off their uniforms and do whatever the hell they want, hypocrisy be damned.

On a completely unrelated note, North Korea (may or may not have) detonated a nuclear weapon. (Assuming they did) The United States, China, Russia, Great Britain, and France (all countries with enough nuclear firepower to destroy the world several times over) were quick to denounce North Korea’s actions.

Mark Foley was indicted for sexually harassing under-aged boys. He was a Republican senator and a strong advocate for tradition family values. (Seemingly) Moments after the story broke the headlines it was announced that he was an alcoholic. It wasn’t him. The alcohol made him do it (him and Mel Gibson). He was a homosexual. We all know homosexuals molest children. He was molested by a Catholic priest at a young age. He was probed by aliens. He has jungle fever. Etc, etc. His deeds were kept secret by the Republican Party for as long as possible. In 1999, Foley voted to impeach President Clinton. Because we can’t have someone like that in office.

On a political banner a block from my apartment is a slogan for the Democratic candidate Rod R. Blagojevich, as well as an address for his campaign website. http://www.rodforillinois.com That’s right. If we all work together, we can have a Rod for Illinois. This is the only thing I really know about the candidate. Every other time I’ve seen him on the television (or his opponent) he’s insulting the other candidate (and vice versa). So I know he wants a Rod for Illinois. And he’s a jackass.

On a somewhat more related note, I wonder if North Korea would ever actually use the bomb (assuming they did test one and it was successful), or if simply having it would be enough. I wonder if it really matters.

I’m currently reading Kurt Vonnegut’s Breakfast of Champions and I think it’s having a direct effect on the way I write. Syntax, diction, and so on.

My rhetoric teacher told me that the sad fact was the only way Athenian democracy could have worked was because of the institution of slavery. While the white males (I mean citizens) of Athens were busy drawing up and executing legislation, thousands and thousands of slaves were busy running their households and businesses. In short, slaves made sure the country functioned while the Athenian males ran it. In 2003, 36 million Americans were considered impoverished, unable to support themselves or others. Nearly half of these are children. The poverty threshold for a family of four in the United States is an annual income of $18,810. For a family of three, it is $14,680. Two: $12,015. And, finally, the poverty threshold for any one person is $9,393. If you make $10,000 a year in the United States you are expected to pay for housing, health insurance (and, god help you, medical expenses), car insurance (although you probably don’t have a car (which will certainly help your job prospects) so you’ll have to pay for public transportation) clothing, education (oh, who am I fooling? You can’t go to college or get better job training), phone, water, electricity, and, if you have anything to spare, food. You can invest the rest. By the way, you aren’t considered impoverished. God bless America—the land of opportunity.

On a, by now, related note, I sometimes wish someone would push the button. Sometimes it just feels like the universe would be that much better off.

Well, that was a chipper post . . .


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