Well, something awesome just happened to me. I recently joined a writer’s workshop at DePaul, and the way it works is you contact people on messageboards about stories you want them to look at. Then, when someone responds with a story they’d like you to look at you trade and comment on each other’s work. Well, I was reading this guy’s story and I suddenly understood it. Like, I was reading it and I could see clearly what he was doing, the effects he was trying to create with his words, and (and this was the best part) I saw how I could help make it better. Heh, as egotistical as that sounds, it was a wonderful feeling because I could actually help the guy with his writing (when he got the comments back he did say that they were a huge help and that he would definitely integrate them into his story . . . so this isn’t me just stroking my own ego . . . much). It marked the first time I’ve felt like a good writer. Which is encouraging. It also kick started back into working harder on my own stuff. Hopefully I’ll actually finish something substantial soon (though I’m not looking for miracles).


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