Update: I Lack Discipline!

Well, it’s been a while since I posted last. It’s hard for me to remember to. I need to see things or somehow remind myself to do them before I will. Doesn’t jive well with doing things on the internet. But I’ve been kinda . . . I dunno, scatterbrained? lately. Heh, more so than usual. That happens every now and then and I think it’s tied to my sleeping habits. It seems like I go through cycles. My sleeping will be fine for a while but then it’ll slowly deteriorate and I’ll have trouble concentrating on stuff and getting it done. My sleeping schedule doesn’t exist right now. But I’ve enlisted the help of melatonin to try and make it right. I’m also trying to eat a little better but I’m running low on cash so I take what I can get.

Habits are hard for me, that might be it to. Or part of it. I always get real jazzed about something but it’s so hard to maintain. I’ll start off so strong with something (playing the guitar, writing a story, etc) but in two, maybe three weeks it just falls to the wayside and I forget about it. It’s frustrating as hell. How do people form habits? Is there a trick to it? Do I just lack that much discipline?

I don’t know. But I’ve resolved to make a conscious effort to form better habits–whatever the hell that means. We’ll see how it goes. You’ll be able to tell when my posting slowly drops off again 🙂 Can’t let that happen. I need a job too. My sis says I don’t want to grow up. First off, what’s it mean to grow up? But maybe she’s right. I gotta get my act together.

More to come.


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