Day Two

Well, it’s the second day of my “Make Better Habits” whatever-you-want-to-call-it, and I had a little slip. I woke up at 8:15 but instead of getting up and having breakfast or doing something else I fell back asleep for another hour. However, since I normally wake up around 12 or 1pm, I still think 9:15 is progress. I think I’m going to get another alarm clock . . . so I can have one by my bed and one across the room. That’d make me get up.

What else has hapened since I posted last? mm, I’m 24. Which . . . is a thoroughly meaningless number, in my opinion. My friend, Steph (best friend from Reno), tried very hard to find some significance to it but the best she could do was correlate my age with the hours of the day . . . not so much proving its significance so much as her want to make me feel special. So I appreciate that.

Big news in the political world (I guess). Voters bitch-slapped the Republicans, wrenching majority control of Congress away from them. That makes me feel good just because most of the politicians (if not all) that were in power were jackasses and I’m glad to see them leave. But do I think any real good will come out of a Democratic Congress? sigh . . . I don’t know. I mean, I’m a liberal so if any good is going to come from our two party system, I guess it’ll come from them, but the Democratic Party is still a political party. And that means they are, first and foremost, self-serving. Call me jaded, call me what you will, I don’t get the sense that any politician cares about making America a better country. Prove me wrong, Congress. Prove me wrong. But I’m putting a lot of pressure on those Democrats. They’re gonna have show me that they’re doing more than just playing a part. Otherwise, I’m through with American politics.


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