Grrrr . . .

J.K. Rowling is not a genius. Simmer down people. She’s . . . adequate. She’s good. And with the last few books she’s been trying to write above her ability. She’s got a good story going and she’s certainly turned it into an economic success. But that doesn’t make her a literary genius.

If the market determined genius, then Danielle Steele is the greatest author to ever live. And Shakespeare wasn’t shit.

First post in months, I’m in an independent study and the workload is intense. After Friday I can breathe . . . Friday . . .

EDIT (in regards to Nic’s comment): I was assuming sales figures during the artist’s lifetime, which would put Danielle Steele on top of Shakespeare. Although, that does give any writer alive today in this world of bookstores and a distinct advantage against ol’ Willy. What can I say . . . I was blogging angry.


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