Days Three, Four, and Five – Super Sexy Power Couple

And I’m back.

Well, Day Two was hard but Day Three saw me get back in that saddle, ending the day after 1,758 words. That at least made me feel better going into Day Four (Saturday). Alas, my blog entries do not count towards my final word count (only words in the manuscript) but, no worries, because something must have clicked in my brains. I wrote the crap out of that day, finishing with a heroic (that’s right, heroic) 2,665 words!


Then, today, fueled by a magical mixture of coffee and cheddar cheese and pretzel Combos, I sat down with my girlfriend this morning and hammered out 1,864 words in a little under two hours (Shazam.).

And, perhaps it was the nutrients in the peanut butter granola bar Christina had but something sent her charging ahead to 1,883 words (only a cursed 19 words more!).

Who is super sexy?

We are Super Sexy.

Par Total after Day Five: 8,335

My Total after Day Five: 9,382

Of things about which I am talking, that is number one.


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