Day Eight

A solid showing on the first day of Week 2: 1,936 words. Not earth-shatteringly awesome (like Christina: 3,174!) but it keeps me a full two days ahead of the game. I had my first real glimpse of what a beast this thing that I am writing is the other day because the total number of words that I have written so far on this thing as a whole (not just in January) is: 48,539 words. Which is great. That’s great. It’s just that I’m approaching a third of the way done. So, assuming my projection is even remotely accurate, I’m looking at a 150,000 word monstrosity. Another way of looking at it is that I have 88 pages now, which (due to my format) is equal to about half that in paperback. So I could be looking at a 450 to 500 page novel here. Which means I’m gonna have to write like a bat out of hell or accept the fact that I ain’t finishing this thing in thirty days (I’m certainly not doing it in 50,000 words). Sigh . . . the things I do for my art.

And to give my estimate some context, I projected that the first section would only be seven chapters long (roughly ten pages each) and there will actually be eleven, which makes me . . . about as accurate as all the polls going into the New Hampshire primary (<—ooooh, topical humor!). So who knows how long it’ll go?

I’m gonna have a fun time revising this bitch.


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