What? January ended?

So this post has been eight days coming.

The good news: The January writing group project is over, so I’m no longer driving myself insane trying to come up with words to meet my 50,000 word quota for the month.

The bad news: Classes started again and are really amping up so I have a whole new set of issues driving me crazy.

But that’s not why I’m here . . .

I’m here because I am either about to sacrifice myself on the altar of shame . . . or I’m going to bask in the glory of my awesomeness, for January is over and the question is: Am I an awesome writer with 50,000 words under my belt . . . or am I . . . a faailurrrrre?

Well, let me consult my little excel page where I was cataloguing my project . . .

The last time I posted was Day 17, after which I had a total of . . . 37,760. Not bad, five days ahead of schedule. Day 18 I got 1,763–at least I met the ol’ quota. 19 = 1,813. I . . . skipped Day 20 *mischievous glance away* Instead of writing that day I worked on an outline, which is technically against the rules because it supposedly hampers your creativity or whatever, but fuck that shit because it’s how my mind organizes things. I’m a hardcore outliner, and though I’ve moderated my outlining as I’ve grown as a writer I still can rarely just sit down and write–and I create much better stuff when I have an outline to ground me.

So Day 21, what do you know, I was more confident, more focused: Bam! 2,156.

Then I went on a writing retreat with my writing group. This was on the last weekend of January. A sort of “Yay for us, we’re almost done!” kind of thing. As it turns out, Christina and I were the only one’s almost done, but that’s beside the point. I left the city with 43,492 words, and a fierce determination not to come home without 50,000. We arrived at the cabin late (probably . . . 8-ish), tired and hungry, but Christina and I were still disciplined enough to get some writing done (the only two in the group to do it (wonder why the others weren’t anywhere near our numbers . . . )). I finished the day with another 1,472–bringing my total to 44,964.

Then Saturday rolled around. I wrote all goddamn day–absolutely unwilling to close my computer until I wrote just another hundred words. Just until I finish this thought. Just . . . just . . .

I needed 5,036 words.

I finally finished with . . .

wiiiiiiith . . .

*drum roll*


5,042! –> 50,006 words! Woooooooooooooooooo! And there were streamers and cheering and then these fireworks started going off and everyone was clapping . . . for me!!!!!!!!

No, none of that happened. Well the writing did. Yes, I met my quota that day (Saturday), the 26th. Christina also crossed the finish line that day, actually getting past 51,000 because she’s awesome. So that was great. Then we got driz-unk because we didn’t want to think about it no mo’.

So that’s the big news. I wrote a little more on Day 27 (1,862, total = 51,868) but then I said “Fuck it.” I finished this bitch and now I’m taking a break from that project. It was lots of fun and I grew exponentially more glad that I had decided to do it each day I did it . . . but daddy needs a break now.

So . . . yay! Christina and I . . . remain awesome.



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