Nerding Out

First things first: The reason “The Simpsons” is the greatest show on television (Oh yeah, that’s really him).

But in other news . . .

Christina and I went to an exhibit entitled Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination. We actually went on January 6th, the last day the exhibit was in town. Christina had bought me a ticket for Christmas–an excellent present if I do say so myself.

It was pretty cool. It took the inventions of Star Wars and grounded them in technologies we are developing today. The robot section was particularly interesting to me. I didn’t bring my camera but Christina did because she has more forethought than me. Here are two highlights:


Me and the Fett-man.
Notice: hands still in pockets, I’m still being shy (not for long).


I know something Darth Vader does not know.
I am not left-handed!


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