Leaping Calendars, Batman!

Well, I thought I’d post something today, seeing as it isn’t a leap year every year and wouldn’t it be lovely to have a February 29th in the archive.

So here we are. Not a whole lot going on . . . well there is one thing. It’s pretty inconsequential but, you know, I thought I would just throw it out here since I got nothing else going on. Christina and I have officially decided to pursue positions teaching English in China. Hoowah! We’ve actually been preparing resumes and such (sending them out, etc.) for a few weeks now, but it’s official because we have both told our parents.

So there’s that.

We’ll be gone for a school year. Right now we’re just sending our info to as many universities as we can find, hoping to get the best deal that we possibly can. We are both super excited, and our parents are (thankfully) very supportive of the arrangement. Her parents seemed a little concerned about how I would make it, but other than that . . .

Pretty exciting. And I’ll be sure to tell you all about it (assuming their pesky firewall doesn’t block blogspirit . . .).


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