Don’t Mind if I Do

Hello peoples,

I added a a new feature in my sidebar over there on the right. It is the “Writings” section where I will put my various literary ramblings. Why I have not done this sooner, I can only attribute to my abysmal self-esteem as a writer. Right now there are just a few pieces–my two latest short stories (and, coincidentally, previous two posts (<—resisting urge to link to self: *resisting*)) as well as a personal essay I wrote last quarter for my essay workshop class. Feel free to read away, I do hope you find some enjoyment in it. I encourage you to let me know what you think of it, either via email or even if its a quick posted comment. I would love to hear what parts worked for you, what parts didn’t, but if you just want to fawn over my genius, that’s okay too!

Also, I added a newsletter on the left in case you would like to receive updates on my latest posts. Tired of wondering whether I found the time to blather something out and don’t want to mess with RSS readers? Sign up for my newsletter! In a perfect world, I will send it out at the end of each week with that week’s postings–hopefully meaning I will have posted a thing or two that week worth checking out.

That’s the plan anyway.

Also, I will start a Pic o’ the Week every Sunday (again . . . that’s the plan) for your enjoyment. Do you have a picture you think is funny or otherwise worthy of note? Email it to me and if I agree it could be the next Pic o’ the Week!

This week’s photo: The new hair-do.


Don’t mind if I . . . do . . .


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