As the Democratic Party makes the trek from Pennsylvania to Indiana, many people are agonizing—many in the media, the party, and in the greater population—over the seemingly endless slugfest that the primary has become. In prior years, a presumptive nominee was usually chosen after Super Tuesday, the day when many states hold there—

Wait a minute. Wait a minute. People are freaking out because for the first time in a long time everyone’s vote is being counted? Oh the dregs of democracy. How could we reach such a lowly state?

If you had to boil it down to one thing, you would probably have to point to the proportional representation delegate allotment rules. Instead of getting an entire state once a candidate gets the majority of its votes, candidates receive a representational percentage of the state’s delegates. In other words, the candidates get the delegates they earned; thus, the results more accurately reflect the minds of the voters.

Well, I can see why that would be a problem.

Now people are sick of it. Stupid democracy—sure we want to know what the people think . . . but not when it takes so looooooong.

Don’t worry, though, people. Because the Democratic Party isn’t about to let the people decide who they want to represent them. That will ultimately be up to superdelegates. Which is how it should be, I mean, really. After all, it’s the Democratic Party, so the presidential candidate should be someone who is sanctioned by the elite of that party. People with experience. People who know the direction the party should go. People like this guy.

Now. All of that said. Why do I still want to tear out my eyes at the thought of more months of this? How can I still look to the government and its mechanics and see hope for the future?


I’ll get back to you on that . . . until then, thank you, Jon. The Star Wars reference helps.


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