Gained in Translation

People whine on and on about the existential angst of trying to effectively communicate to another person. They brood and mope about the meaning (they’re soul!) that is lost in the empty space that separates each island of a person from the other. But they never talk about the wonderful things that are gained.

That’s where this Pic o’ the Week comes in (brought to my attention by my wonderful girlfriend, Christina). She and I will be teaching English soon in China and she found an article that gives her a preview of what she has to look forward to:


Chinese doctors don’t beat around the . . . you get the
idea. But those poor fetal hearts. Why were they taken
into custody?

The photo comes from an article in Gawker, entitled “Chinese OBGYN Will C U Next Tuesday.” They get any and all credit for taking it.

Do you have a picture you think is funny or otherwise worthy of note? Email it to me and if I agree it could be the next Pic o’ the Week!


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