Pic o’ the Week: Special Edition

Hello, folks. I’ve been very negligent in my duties as a blogger lately, and I blame that on two things. The first is finals week at DePaul University—but not just any finals week. The final finals week I will finally finish forever! That’s right. Come tomorrow, I will have turned in the final project of my graduate career—the culmination of all of my educational years, starting in 1985 when I first entered pre-school through three elementary schools, one middle school, three high schools, one undergraduate university, four community college summer course, and one graduate university. Twenty-two years I’ve been in school, people (not counting a year I took off after undergrad), and after 5PM CST tomorrow my work is done. I graduate Sunday.

But before I get ahead of myself, I thought I would give you guys a special edition of my Pic o’ the Week. Seeing as I’ve missed the last two, I’ll give you two today. Here you go:

The first: Last weekend I went to Grosse Pointe Woods, MI, because Nic’s brother was getting married (after seven(!) years dating his girlfriend). I took Christina and we both had a really fun time. Most of the photos of the wedding, however, are on her camera, so I can’t share any of those. But I can share one we took on my camera of the house I lived in for a year and a half:
The ol’ homestead. That was my room there on the left.

Christina gets credit for taking the shot, while I was driving and trying not to look like a terrorist scoping out my next target.

The second Pic o’ the Week comes from my notebook, and never has a picture looked so beautiful. It is a snapshot of the last class notes I will ever take. The class was Modern Rhetoric—and, yes, it was as exciting as it sounds! A little context might be needed here to help you appreciate my diligent note-taking. The class (at least the beginning … when I was taking notes) was on Jacques Derrida—that sexy deconstructionist. Ever since I had to make a presentation on Habermas, I’ve tried to come up with exciting nicknames for the rhetoricians we’ve studied (I referred to Habermas in my presentation solely as “The Habernator”). Derrida became “The Derrida-zaster!” We also watched part of a documentary about him in which we saw the following: He owned a cat and American co-eds will fawn over him after he gives a talk. The documentary also described him as having “lightning thoughts,” and we witnessed The Derrida-zaster in action! Instead of actually answering the questions an interviewer was trying to ask him, The Derrida-zaster decided to question them about their film equipment (Oh, decontruction … are you never not smug?) and during this he asked to know the name of a device they kept adjusting when he would try to talk, disrupting his train of thought. The device was a “reflector.”

SHAZAM! Lightning thought: “The reflector does not allow reflection!” –The Derrida-zaster

But enough foreplay. Let’s get to the action:

I get all the credit for that one.

Just one more day….


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