Howdy from Tay-hoss!

Howdy, readers, from the Lone Star Repub–er … I mean, State. The Lone Star State….

Yes, I’m back in Texas, ever-awaiting my letter of invitation from the Chinese government. Christina is in Minnesota doing the same. Its hard being away from her. I’ve decided I very much do not like it. But how can I be blue when I’ve moved back in with my wonderful parents … my … my wonderful … oh-so wonderful … puuuuuh….

OK, so it has been difficult. I’m not the most patient person when I’m around my parents. It’s just … good lord do I not want to live with them anymore! I enter their house, and once again I’m in high school. I suppose that’s how it goes with most parents, right? Guuuuuh.

An upside is they hadn’t seen The Dark Knight, so I got to see it with them, bringing my total viewings to 三。 <– that would be “san1,” or three in Mandarin. Oh yeah. I’ve been rockin’ the Chinese lessons. Though I’m fairly useless when it comes to the characters. I would be lying if I didn’t say I had to look that one up. Characters, though. Seriously, China? What kind of a country develops thousands and thousands of characters instead of a much smaller number of letters? Maybe it’s the bull-headed American culture talking, but letters are clearly the better way to go. Friggin’ characters. And it’s not like China doesn’t know about letters now. Yet they insist on the characters. Sigh …

That was, of course, sarcasm for any Chinese official who might be reading. I greatly respect China’s rich and wonderful culture and all of their … charactery goodness … yay, China (can I have a visa now, please?)!


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