Word Count Update: 08/14

Hello Readers!

I write to you from beautiful Austin, Minnesota, home of Shelley and Lloyd Brandon, Christina’s rambunctious parents.

Yes, I’ve been here since Tuesday, till Tuesday, breaking up the monotony of the Texas life. Christina’s parents are fun, and, of course, it’s wonderful to finally be close to her once again. Sigh, and only after twelve days being apart. I flew in to Minneapolis and Christina and her mother were there to pick me up. We drove past the Mall of America, Cabela’s store of everything outdoorsy, and 5 of 10,000 lakes. So I’ve seen most of Minnesota’s sights. One more awaits me: the ever-fabulous SPAM Museum! Complete with all the SPAM paraphernalia I could ever want.

Christina has also made sure to keep me writing. I have not been as disciplined as I need to be over the past few days. I visited with my friends Travis and Laura over the weekend … ensuring a zero word count over those two days. I tried to make up for it on Monday, writing 1,542 words, but then I was traveling much of Tuesday and so that was another zero day.

Wednesday, however, was better. 2,087, making up for the previous day. That brings the grand total to … *drum roll* … 8,093. Sigh … only 5 more days to make up for.

I haven’t done any writing yet today, so I’ll be back to let you know how I do.

This is me keeping the faith!


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