The End Is Nigh

OK. So I’ve fallen out of the blogosphere for the past week or so, but the good news is I was not completely idle. I have been writing (most) every day and clawing my way closer and closer to the 31,000 total. The bad news is I’m not nearly as close as I want to be. I can’t tell you on what day I did what, but I can tell you that I have a grand total of 23,111 words.

So. That’s not 31,000. But I have two more days. Two more days to write 7,889 words. 3,944.5 words a day. 328.70833333 … words an hour (if I only write for twelve hours). That’s … doable….

OK. So. The lesson is: meeting up with old friends and spending time playing video games with my mother (that’s right—my mother!) takes time. This is doable. This is totally doable. No one’s putting me on the Altar of Shame!

I will post my word count tomorrow probably around the same time as tonight. Then Sunday, the 31st, I will give continuous word count updates until what I am assuming will be my Moment of Glory—as I stand triumphant above the month of August and laugh and cry and scroll through my 31,000 words.

See you tomorrow.


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