Christina Is a Genius!

I’m dating a crazy-super-hacker-nerd …

… or maybe that was a dream.

Regardless, Christina has found a way to get around the troublesome Chinese firewall: Hotspot Shield. The purpose of Hotspot Shield is to protect your computer while unsecured (or even secured) wireless networks via a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Basically, it sets up a private little connection between me and the Hotspot hub, which, in turn, is connected to the intertubes. This protects my intertubing from any eavesdroppers that might want to know what I’m doing, as well as protecting passwords, bank accounts, etc.

It is, in a sense, my own private tunnel under the Great Firewall. See, the firewall doesn’t monitor private networks, so as long as I’m hooked up to my VPN, the Chinese won’t be monitoring what I’m doing. And as long as they aren’t monitoring what I’m doing, they won’t be blocking my searches because the firewall only blocks what it knows is in violation of its definition of “decent.” If it doesn’t know what something is, it doesn’t bother with it.


So now I am able to see my blog. And Christina’s. And anything else on the internet. Wee!

It just makes the Chinese firewall all the sillier. It took Christina an afternoon to figure out how to thwart it. Two minute download, seconds to install: open access to the internet. It begs the question of why they should even bother censoring the internet at all. Whatevs. I don’t care anymore. The only price I have to pay is a slightly annoying bar across the top of pages I open that asks me if I want to invite any friends to the Anchor Free Hotspot Shield Network. Free and open access to the internet? That’s a price I’ll gladly pay.


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