Countdown to the Apocalypse: Voting Machines

I knew it!

I knew this would happen!

Sigh … well, damn. It seems our alarm clock was just a glimpse of the coming revolution. If only there were more I could have done! I should have warned you sooner … I should have … I should have …

Well, I can only assume that most of you died in the initial assault and those remaining are busy fighting a Red Dawn-like resistance movement. Christina and I, being in China, survived at least this long. Though there is talk that the robots will be attacking from their outpost in Japan. Thus, the ones most likely reading this are the new robot overlords. And so let me be the first to say, “Welcome.” Heh, heh … I’ve … I’ve always liked robots … I … I say thank you to the ATM … and … and parking garage payment machines … please don’t make me a slave in the salt mines!!!

For any humans who may still be alive: .-.. — -. –. .-.. .. …- . – …. . .-. . …- — .-.. ..- – .. — -. ..–.

Ha HA! Bet you robots can’t understand that! Or was that aliens….


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