Chinese (American) Decadence

Christina and I just got back from Kaifeng, another of the eight ancient capitals of China (along with Anyang). We saw lots of cool things and took lots of neat pictures, which I will upload … I’ll say, tomorrow. It was really cool, thousands of years of tradition, blah blah blah….

But do you know what else we found!

That’s right!

Oh the gooey-goodness!


And so this Pic o’ the Week is thus:

The always lovely Ms. Christina Brandon shown here satisfying
that cheesey desire. Does she approve? Oh she approves….
Too sexy.

We got it at a place called The Pizza Company. It’s pizza was modeled after Pizza Hut. That’s right—derivative Pizza Hut. But, omigod, it was so fucking good. Christina also enjoyed a cappuccino with her meal. I … I suspect, if she could have, she might have left me for that cappuccino….

The check came to roughly 110RMB, making it a rather decadent indulgence … and it was worth every jiao.


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