Negligent Liar-face

Alright, alriiiiiight. So I fell down on the job again with my Pic o’ the Week. Well, here it is. Only a day late (a buck short … I’m wri-ting—focus Walsh!).

This week’s pic is of my valiant steed, who I have been riding more around Anyang. Here she is, Princess Charm:

China Batch 1.5 001.jpg

That’s right! She’s a girl’s bike. And I ask you this: Is a man less of a men who rides a mare? I submit that he is not. Charm treats me well. And I do the same for her. Though I have to put the “princess” part on the proverbial down-low [shouts from Christina in the other room: “I’m the only princess!”].

China Batch 1.5 002.jpg

Just for funsies, here’s a picture of Christina with her bike, Chou Chou:

China Batch 1.5 003.jpg
Chou Chou is so vogue. And I feel the rust makes this picture a meeting of High and Low Art.
Christina est très chic!

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