Tibetan Dry

Christina and I went to a newly opened supermarket down the street and, once there, I was captivated by an advertisement. Majestic skies … soaring mountains … it was an advertisement for none other than Tibetan Dry Cabernet Sauvignon Dry Red Wine.
Tibetan Dry 005.jpg
Yes, Tibetan Dry: A Chinese wine that doesn’t taste like cough syrup.

I had to have a bottle. Nevermind what it tasted like—the name alone sold me. Wouldn’t you know it, it also turned out to be pretty tasty. And, when I say tasty, I mean it doesn’t cause instant retching upon contact with one’s tongue.

Tibetan Dry: Wine so good, you wouldn’t give them independence either.

It’s also pretty cheap—sixty-eight yuan a bottle. That comes to about … ten dollars, which is really nice since all the imported wines (including Arbor Mist) go well over a hundred for a decent bottle.

Tibetan Dry: Oppressively good.

So Christina and I are pretty stoked about that. Now it’s about time to curl up on the couch, huddled close to each other and the space heater, a glass of Tibetan Dry in our hands, and watch a few episodes of Faulty Towers, borrowed from our New Zealand friend, Robert. Ahhhhh, life can be pretty good sometimes.

Tibetan Dry 001.jpg
Tibetan Dry: Distilled from the blood of Lamas.

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