Not My Fault!

So it’s been over a week since my last update. And I know what you’re thinking. “Chris, you were doing so well. Four days in a row; one of them had a little substance … what happened, dude?”

I’ll tell you what happened.

I’ll tell you what happened.

The Chinesenet happened s’what happened!

That’s right. This wasn’t my fault. It wasn’t my fault (In fairness, OK, Thursday, Friday: my fault—over a week: not my fault). And Christina is my witness. You’ll notice last Thursday is the last day she updated (before today). And going more than a week without an update is pretty un-Christina. So she was screwed by the Chinesenet too.

I just used the word “s’what”….

Ohhhhhhhh, the week we’ve had. I believe both of us were close to frustrated tears on no less than two occasions. Don’t get me wrong: China is wonderful. The Chinese people are (for the most part) kind-hearted, generous people. But, my god, they’re incompetent when it comes to organizing. And problem-solving. I’m talking basic problem-solving skills. Like don’t-just-stand-there-playing-with-yourself-till-it-fixes-itself skills. It doesn’t take a lot.

So Christina and I lost the internet on Sunday. I was on Skype with my mother (for a grand total of one minute and nine seconds) when it happened. Then nothing. We called our liaison, James, to get someone over to look at it. He came over to look at it. He is not a computer technician. He is not the person we needed. But whatever. He comes over and concludes (*smacks forehead*) the internet’s not working. That was Tuesday. Wednesday, Christina and I call this dude, Robert Zhang, who’s pretty savvy with the computers so we figgered he’d show this Chinesenet what-what. Mmmmm, Christina’s Mac and my Linux machines threw him for a total loop. He spent an hour and a half trying to figure out what was up, to no avail. He ended with a shaky conclusion that the modem was broken. That sounded right to Christina and me, and it gelled with our Kiwi friend Robert’s story that he had major probs with the intertubes until he made the school get him a new modem. Then everything was glorious. So we tell James we want a new modem. That was Thursday. James doesn’t want to get us a new modem. He says it’s our machines. Clearly Linux and the Mac OS are incapable of accessing the Chinesenet … even though Christina had it for five months!

Whatever. Whatever.

So, Friday, I dragged my computer over to Christina’s and my new apartment (we’re moving—more on that when I’m not ranting) to setup the internet and phone. I bring our modem because no one will give us a new one. What do you know, it don’t work. So today, finally, the repairdudes come over and take a look at the internet. I was forced (with no other option) to reinstall lame-dows XP to the university’s computer. They fiddle with it for thirty seconds. It won’t work. “Wah, I can’t do my job.” They just stand there. Yammering at each other. They unplug the modem. They plug it back in. No dice. “Wah.” They unplug it again. They plug it back in. “Wah.”


Finally, I walk over to the modem, I point to it, and in my shaky Chinese I say, “我想这个不好. 我要一个新这个.” The guys look at each other. One walks off and starts talking into his cell phone. Another guy comes up to the apartment. He has a new modem. We plug it in, and (*smacks forehead*), it fucking works.

Jesus Christ! Would it have been so hard just to try a new modem?! Ai-yai-yai. So, long story short: I had to show the repairmen how to problem-solve. They couldn’t get Christina’s Mac to go, either. About an hour ago, I took a look at it. Three seconds later, she had the internet. The problem was they kept trying to connect via some Ppp03 or something or another. What did I do? I tried a DHCP connection. Just for shits and grins.

Sigh … anywho. I’ll stop. But … geez. So we have the internet now, and Christina and I are both exhausted. And so frustrated it hurts. But now we’re both hungry, so we’re gonna get get some munchies. I’ll keep up with my posts again (Chinesenet willing).


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