This Pic o’ the Week is what we call a cop-out, kids. Daddy’s tired and he doesn’t have any pictures on his computer because a big bad repairman made him format his system and reinstall Windows.

That’s right, kids, “Booooooo on that repairman!”

But the good news is, right before we lost the internet, Christina and I uploaded the second half of our pictures from our Yunnan trip to Snapfish. Does everyone remember where that is? That’s right!

And what was the room code? You better believe it’s chinaphotos!

Very good, kids. Now. Oh last thing: Do you know what today is, kids? That’s right it’s the Ides of March! Do you know what happened today, a long, long time ago? Well, a bunch of grumpy old white men stabbed a man over twenty times until he was just a bloody mess—thereby blurring the line between a republic and mob-rule and also becoming the evil they sought to destroy.

That’s right, kids, “Yaaaaaaaaaay, republics!”


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