Rocked Like a Hurricane

Alrighty, we are back from Linzhou and do I have some pictures for you!


Here we go.

Oy, I’m getting all gwiggly thinking about it.


Here I am:

Eating a scorpion.

The grossness factor was huge. And it did not help that our New Zealander friend, Robert, was popping them into his mouth easy-as-can-be. But Christina really wanted to try one. And did:

Stinger and all!

That’s Robert behind her. The amused looking Polish man to my left is Adam. He is Polish. Christina ate hers first; I required more convincing. She told me happily, “Tastes like popcorn!” This did not make it easier. The Chinese were all very amused. Here’s the problem: they brought the little arachnids out before everybody toasted us and got super-wasted-face. No, no, no. You bring the gross looking stuff out after . . . after . . . sigh. It would have been so much easier after.

Though it did taste a little like popcorn. . . .


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