Gearing up

Alright, so it’s clearly Wednesday, but I am posting this here anyway. Christina and I have decided to embark on the mystical voyage that is the National Novel Writing Month challenge once again. With a slight twist: April is actually Script Frenzy, during which people are supposed to write a one-hundred-page screenplay in thirty days. This can be for a movie, TV show, play, whatever. That’s what Christina’s doing. She’s writing a screenplay. I, however, still have a novel to finish, so I will be doing a standard NaNoWriMo: 50,000 words, 30 days. That’s 1,666.6666 … words a day.

I’m pretty confident, as I have yet to fail, having done it … one and a half(-ish) times. It does seem to be the best way for me to vomit a first draft onto my computer. And I can’t imagine that I have (much) more than 50,000 words to go in the novel. I say this now … who knows? But if I don’t finish I’ll be damn close.

Wish us luck!


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