It’s that time again . . .

No, not my semi-annual workout or my annual recommittal to start working out. No, it’s time to watch the entire Buffy the Vampire Slayer television series!


And Christina’s watching it with me! Which makes it easier because we only have the one bedroom . . . and I need her computer to watch it. This comes on the heels of my unsuccessful attempt at hooking her on Battlestar Galactica. “Not emotionally engaged,” she says. . . . Well, she watched Buffy when it was new, so I knew she wouldn’t fight too hard against it. She might have even suggested it. I can’t remember–and that’s not important. What’s important is that we are already halfway through the second season (*claps hands like a giddy fool*). Buffy and Angel just did it . . . so tragic.

What’s super-fun, too, is that Christina hasn’t seen the sixth or the seventh seasons yet (my two favoritest seasons), so I’ll get to witness that magic as it happens.

Just have to convince her to stay the course through season five. . . .

Seriously, Joss, Dawn? So annoying. . . .


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