Hey there, kids.  This post’s for my sis, Kerry, or should I say it’s for you, gentle reader, on behalf of Kerry. . . .

Kerry has a new blog, Ri-DATE-ulous, and, yes, the title earns her Awesome Points.  It is a chronicle of her life and times on Chicago’s dating scene.  She’s had some pretty good stories in the past, so I’m looking forward to more.

My sis is the person you talk to about dating.  She’s been on a whole mess of dates, and I do believe “mess” is the right word for some of them.  But the kicker is, she’s really not a bitter person.  Or, as she puts it, “Wearing ‘Sex and the City’ colored glasses, I truly believe somewhere deep down inside my chest that there is someone out there for me. And that’s, I think, my problem.”

So don’t think it’ll be whiny.  She’s only had the blog since August 24th and she’s already been on one odyssey with a “confused bachelor.”  It’s a fun read.  Plus she welcomes your comments, and, really, when you get right down to it, what’s more fun than judging another person’s love life?


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