Embryos and an American Institution

It’s that time again: time to scour Wikipedia in all its interrelated glory.  The first person to reply with the solution was my friend, Will.  He did so via Facebook, so if you’re on my blog site you can’t see his answer.

Anywho, the solution is thus (you’ll need to highlight it in order to see; I didn’t want to spoil it for anyone who still wanted to try):

Night vision – Tapetum lucidum – Domestic sheep – Sheepdog trial – Babe (film) – Cat – List of Fictional Cats – Schrodinger’s Cat – Copenhagen Interpretation

This week, Christina helped me think of the first topic.  The rest . . . was magic.

Pharyngula – * – * – * – Anathema – * – * – * – American football

I provided the middle one as a hint if you want it.  Just highlight over the center.  Gooood luck and . . .

Happy linking!


One thought on “Embryos and an American Institution

  1. I learn so much from these challenges, who knew Schrodinger’s Cat wasn’t just an a capella group (http://www.singers.com/contemp/schrodingerscat.html) . Anyways, here’s what I did for your second challenge, I have a feeling there is 100 different ways to get from one point to another…

    PHARYNGULA – German – Holy Roman Empire – Papacy – ANATHEMA – Dogma – Christianity – United States – AMERICAN FOOTBALL

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