God Dammit!

I hate China right now.  I hate it.

I hate everything about the condescending, paternalistic bullshit they bathe in when they promote the most asinine and bigoted policies while hiding behind tradition.  I hate what gall-festering glee they take in joyously orchestrating everyone’s schedule to their own convenience, often informing the subservient parties only hours before the changes are to be implemented.  I hate the corruption that is so infused with the culture that you cannot be invited out to dinner or drinks with a friend without being harassed for favors.  I hate the elegant ease with which they so blatantly lie about their motives and goals.  But most of all, I hate hate hate whatever disease of self-righteousness gives them the idea that they can control the amount of knowledge that I and over a billion other people have a right to know.

My fucking Hotspot Shield is on the fritz.  I’ve been trying for hours to connect to it, as it is the only way I can get around the Great Firewall of the Chinese government.  Maybe my HSS just needs to be updated or maybe they’re having a bad day with their servers.  Or maybe the Chinese have finally blocked it.  I don’t know, but I fucking hate everything about what’s happening right now.

My rage is only tempered slightly by the giggliness of that which has sent me over the edge: Patricia Brennan, a post-doctoral researcher at Yale, and her colleagues have unlocked many of the mysteries behind ducks and their extremely weird genitalia, including (but not limited to) the males’ explosive erections.  And there’s video!

Yes.  You can read (and watch!) all about it, but I cannot.  I’m trying to learn more about our natural world; I’m trying to bask in the wondrous and surprising complexity produced by evolution; and I fucking can’t because of the Chinese.

Those of you reading this on Facebook are doing something I cannot.  Because social networks might threaten societal harmony.  I can’t even see my own blog.  A few months ago I would even have had to have posted this by my email.


I fucking hate it.  I hate it if it’s Christians trying to remove a legitimate winter holiday display from a public courthouse or if it’s a bullshit atheistic authoritarian government trying to blunt the intellectual curiosity of its people.

It’s all the same voice-halting, head-slamming, fist-quivering, blood-boiling, brain-defecating bigotry!

I hate it.  I fucking hate it.  I FUCKING HATE IT!


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