The Wrath of Khan

I’m back from Beijing; I had a really nice visit with my dad. We didn’t get to do everything I had planned for us, but we got to see the big stuff: the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, the traditional hutongs, the Forbidden City.

The air quality was atrocious. A-tro-cious. I say that word, and you think you know what I mean, but really … it was really atrocious. The sky was orange. The sun was about as bright as a full moon. You could taste the Gobi, feel the sand in your teeth. I’m sticking with my theory that it is the vengeful wrath of Genghis Khan’s spirit. Fits with what I experienced.

I’m posting this via my email cuz I’m no longer able to log on to And I’m going to attach a picture from the trip to this email. Hopefully, it’ll post so you can catch a glimpse of the splendor that is a modern trip to the Great Wall.

Too bad the wall can’t keep the Gobi out.


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