Paging Dr. Walsh

I suppose I can tell you now, since I’ve told my parents … which I s’pose is my criteria for "Is this information sensitive or not?" How high school is that?

I have decided that I shall pursue a PhD.

Ehhhh, it’s big and it’s little news, I suppose. I wonder how many times I can use the word "suppose" in a post …? It’s … pretty big news, I suppose, except I’m still in China and no where near ready to apply. "I’ve been accepted to [institution]" or "My thesis was approved" or "I’m graduating from [institution]" would be bigger news (I suppose). But I suppose I’ll make due with what I got.

I think I’m gonna focus on Medieval literature, which my surprise you, depending on your level of intimacy with me. I’ve been doing a lot of Medieval as well as general Hero research for Duncan, and I suppose what started out as a haphazard collection of facts has grown into a full-fledged area of interest. Within that, I’d like to study the shifting forces influencing the perception of masculinity and the hero in literature, what changed from antiquity and what’s the same and what’s different now. In my more ambitious moments, I’d like to integrate it with a broader gender studies program, though concentrating on men instead of the usual women. I s’pose the success of that will depend larger on the institution that I manage to worm my way into.

Again, I’m no where near ready to apply to a school. I need to polish my writing sample, retake the GRE, brush up on French, start learning Latin (Medieval Latin, at that), craft the perfect Statement of Purpose … it’s all really more of a … supposition than a specific action plan, but I firmly believe it is something I’ll achieve. I s’pose it only makes sense, career-wise. It’s reaching the point where you need a PhD if you’re gonna have even half a prayer of landing a teaching position at a university. Let alone tenure. That’s cool. I’m up for the challenge.

That’s right; no supposin’ in that one: I’m up for the challenge.


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