Face-lift for the Brain Dump

Those of you kind enough to grace my little corner of the intertubes will no doubt notice the scenery has changed a little.  I took the time yesterday to give my blog a little face-lift.  I like the new theme, gives more room to the words and my Pics o’ the Week have a little more room to spread out.

It took friggin’ hours to do, thanks to whatever the Chinese are doing to the internet.  They aren’t blocking WordPress, but they are throttling it or something because it takes a good two or three minutes (sometimes more) just to load a page.  It can take ten to post something.

I can’t wait till I’m back in the States.  I mean, to see family and friends and stuff, of course–but also because I’m going to start making myself a full on website, in conjunction with my blog.  The reading Christina and I have been doing about the publishing industry has been pretty unequivocal on that point.  If you’re gonna be any kind of author, you’re gonna need a website.  My plans are all very vague and general, but it’ll be nice having a full-time residence in cyberspace, as opposed to this, which is … I dunno … more of a … dorm room.

Anyway.  Let me know if you like it.  I’m scouring my pictures and my brain for a good Header image.  I’ll stick with the dragons until I find or think of something better.


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