Pic o’ the Week Rain Check

I’m having issues images to upload to WordPress (wouldn’t you know it), and the websites I can upload images to seem to all be blocked by the fucking Chinese firewall … so I’m gonna need a rain check on this week’s Pic o’ the Week.  Blerg, the internet seems to run faster in the morning, so I’ll try again when I wake up.

This has got to be my greatest frustration in this country.  Not the staring, though that’s probably in second place; it’s the goddamn censoring of the internet.  It just reeks of a small mind.  So small that it must make other minds small as well.  The most heart-breaking thing about it is talking to my students, who know (everyone knows) there’s information—good and relevant-to-their-lives information—that they cannot access.  And there’s not a damned thing they can do about it.

At least I can return to my homeland.


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