Helpful Billboards

I’ve got four pics for this week. They are of some very socially conscious billboards we saw on our way back from the Shaolin Temple. I was in a moving bus whilst taking them; thus, the blurriness.

"To Stabilize low birth-rate and Improve Chinese Population Quality
To Improve Population structure and Conduct Harmonious society"

I like that they’re just two infinitive verb clauses….

"Promote gender equality and eliminate sex discrimination"

Aw, that’s nice.

This one says something like "Follow the basic State policy for family planning"

And I choose to believe the structure behind the street sign is a pirate ship.

"Implement the CPC’s ‘Decision’
To solve the population problem and promote the All-round Development of Human"

Who is this "Human" and why should I help develop it?
And I like that they put "Decision" in quotes … yeah, it’s an order….


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