A Quick Jaunt to Luoyang

Christina and I leave for a two-night stay in scenic Luoyang, home to the Longman Grottoes. I’m fairly excited; it should be a nice trip, and we are told that the grottoes are something to see. And I have two students who are from Luoyang, all but bouncing with excitement to hear how I liked it. I told them Christina and I would see the grottoes and they told me we had to see the White Horse Temple as well. But I had to promise them we wouldn’t go to Wangcheng Park even though foreigners always want to go there, because it is small and there is nothing to see except a cramped zoo with animals that are "dirty and sad." Needless to say (but I’ll say it anyway), that was an easy promise to make.

So I’ll be out of touch for the next two days. But never fear: I’ll be back with some nifty photos, no doubt, to share with you on Sunday. Wish us luck!

One thought on “A Quick Jaunt to Luoyang

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