Christina and I have returned (safe and sound) from Luoyang. The trip had its ups and downs … I’ll fill you in on that tomorrow when I have more time. Stupid time. I need more time!

I’m in a holding pattern for the Pic o’ the Week I owe you. I haven’t uploaded the pictures I took on the trip (haven’t had time!). I’ll do that tomorrow (tomorrow, always tomorrow!).

So what the hell have I been up to? Well, final exams started today. Soon I shall be free. But to be honest, I’ve been spending an increasing amount of time at The Hannibal Blog, with emphasis on a recent post concerning one Joan of Arc. Andreas Kluth (the head Hannibal guy … the Hanni-meister (Hanni-maestro?), if you will) continues to welcome my comments. I’ll leave up to you what to make of his judgment in that regard….

But he’s really gotten me thinking about this whole heroism thing. Like, what it actually is and how it applies to our lives. Defining it (like so many words we use like we know what we’re saying) proves to be quite the sticky problem. Here’s a taste of the oleaginous epistemic quagmire you can find yourself in:

Identify the common characteristics shared by all of these “heroes”:

the Buddha
Joan of Arc
Jesus Christ
King Arthur
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Jack Bauer

I have reached the point where I officially want to start a new thread on my blog to explore my ideas. I’m not exactly sure what format I will use, and odds are I will be heavily in debt to Mr. Kluth. But his project looks to be quite a bit wider than mine will be (at least in the beginning). My focus will, no doubt, remain fixed on the Medieval, with forays into the ancient and modern periods as needed. Why the Medieval? Duncan compels me.

I feel like I’m in a state of mind I’ll call “scatter-thought.” Every time something enters my mind, it bounces off about a thousand other things, which collide with thousands of others. Final exams aren’t helping. Neither is my coming repatriation. Add to that the general lack of time I find myself with and … well, I do not envy Christina. But she seems to be coping well.

More tomorrow. More tomorrow….


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