Gratuitous Grottoes

Here are a few pictures from our trip to Luoyang’s Longman Grottoes. It was nice. The statues part. Unfortunately, several Chinese people confused us with the statues and took our pictures, including four middle-aged fat bastards, one of whose face I had to scream in before he would leave us alone. More on that in my next post.

The above Buddha made out pretty well. Missing a few fingers, it turns out, is what you hope for when you’re a thousand-year-old Buddha. The ones without heads, like the next guy, were victims of European imperialists hoping to impress the folks back home.

There were others that were missing their faces. Those were victims of the Cultural Revolution.

All tolled, it was an impressive display. Too bad we had to deal with some seriously lame Chinese people to see it.

The view from the far bank of the river … I’ll try to get the whole lot up on Snapfish tomorrow. More to come!


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