A Metaphor for My Life

I bought a day planner today. Wanted to … get my life … a-goin. Yup. It’s one o’ them fill-in-the-date ones that can be used for any year because … well, you fill in the dates. One week spans across two pages, Monday through Wednesday on the left-hand page, Thursday through Sunday on the right. I got till the first week of December before I realized that the last column on the right has both Saturday and, halfway down, Sunday too.

I filled in the wrong dates in my day planner.

Luckily, I started in September, so I only screwed up three full months. And two weeks in March….

Nothing from Trader Joe’s, so I guess the interview didn’t go as well as I thought it did. I was thinking about calling them, to ask where I went wrong. But I can’t decide if that’s business savvy or a waste of time cuz they’ll just blow me off. Is that something people do? Call and ask about failed interviews, that is … not blow people off….

I’m spending the night over at my sister’s; thus, internet. I helped her by taking her to a sporting goods store to buy stuff she needs for physical therapy (she broke her elbow), and she helped me by comforting me on my failed job prospect. We watched High Fidelity, and, you know what? Rob’s way more of a manipulative prick than I ever realized. And Laura’s not much better. I don’t think I buy him actually changing at the end. But I am in a pouty mood….


2 thoughts on “A Metaphor for My Life

  1. Hey, Chris! I don’t like Rob…or Laura. I do love John Cusack in SAY ANYTHING, especially in that fabulous scene about buying, selling and processing.

    I hope you found a job and are now gainfully employed. Welcome back to the states, and Chi-town.

    • Welcome, jenny (“Jenny?” “jenny?” I usually just mirror people’s capitalization but it feels diminutive here)! I also enjoy Mr. Cusack in Say Anything. I just wish he stopped trying to recreate that role in everything he does now.

      I did, in fact, score a (temporary?) job at Target on the overnight team. It does make it difficult to keep up with the ol’ Brain Dump, though. Especially without the internet at home! (I should be asleep right now….)

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