I Am Become … Vampyre!

That’s pronounced “vampyre.” It’s more sophisticated, you see.

Well, I got a job. Which is nice. It’s a temporary/seasonal position, which is not. But at least it’s a job. I’m on the overnight team at Target. It’s hard work, but it’s nice to be able to do something, anything. And it’s actually pretty satisfying to look at the store when my shift starts and the shelves are empty and products are scattered where they shouldn’t be, and then, when I leave, the store looks ready to go. And I can look at that and say, “I did that.”

All in all, I’m feeling pretty good about that Master’s in Writing….

No, I really do enjoy it. Of course, it necessitated a radical shift in my sleeping schedule, even for a night owl like myself. It was more difficult than I thought it was, but I seem to be getting into the swing of it. When I get to sleep on time. It is weird to see the sun come up and think, <em>I need to go to sleep now</em>.

Anywho, I’m surprisingly happy with it. It’s nice to have a task and work. They even let us listen to our own music, which would be <em>awesome</em> except … I can’t find my damn iPod.

Oh well. Gotta go to work. Today we put up the Christmas stuff….

Happy Halloween!


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