What Else Am I up To?

As of late, I’ve been concentrating mainly on returning to the United States. The university has acquired plane tickets for us; our departure date is set for June 26th. We’ll be flying in to Chicago together, but then Christina will continue on to Minneapolis, to reorient herself in America at her parents’ house. I’ll stay in Chicago for a week or so, to catch up with friends and my extended family, and I, too, will recuperate at my parents’ house, though mine are in Mansfield, TX.

The plan is to stay there for about a month, relax, and then mid-August help my li’l sis move to Reno, NV, for her freshmen year of college at the University of Nevada, Reno. That’ll be nice; it’s been years since I’ve been back there. Then I’ll head back to Chicago and try to make my way in the big city.

Other Projects

In addition to Duncan, I’m working on a novel with my girlfriend, Christina, a decision I’ve come to … not regret, because I like what we’re creating, but … well, it’s definitely commanded more of my time than I have, at times, preferred. We’re a third of the way through the second draft. Not sure when we’ll be ready to start the publishing phase, but I’m still happy with all the progress we’ve made so far.

I want to give The Brain Dump a good remodeling, find a better structure for it and its posts and integrate it better into my general interests. Focus it more. I’m beginning a new thread on the study of heroism, which I’m very excited about, and I have a few other ideas that tangentially relate to that. Unfortunately, I think I’ll need to wait till I’m situated back in the States, given the trouble I’ve had with the internet in China.

One last thing, though I’m not sure it can be properly called a “project,” is my recent decision to pursue a PhD. I’m gonna take my time with that, preparing for a year or two before applying, to strength my CV and give myself the best chance of getting into a top school. I’m interested in studying literature, specifically Medieval literature and the Classics, the ultimate goal being a tenured professorship at an esteemed university and the undying admiration of my peers. We’ll see how that goes….


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