That Time of the Year Again

This Pic o’ the Week marks the beginning of the winter festivities in our apartment.  The tree is up, the bears are dressed, and Christina’s begun filling the air with Christmas songs.  Hopefully, I’ll be done with Christmas shopping by the end of the week.  Anyway, here’s the picture:

Ho ho humbug.


A Very Chinese Christmas

Hello, all. Sorry for the hiatus. We lost our internet last week, and then Christmas spooged all over us and I didn’t find the time to keep up with the ol’ blog. But that hubbub is over. Christina and I put together a Christmas photo album on my snapfish account, found here (room code = chinaphotos).

This Pic o’ the Week comes from Boxing Day, the day when all of the foreign teachers (and their assorted better halves) could get together and exchange a Secret Santa gift. Christina got a very nice comb. I got two sets (his and hers) of travel-sized chopsticks, fork, and spoon. And a giant lollipop.

From left to right: Me, Adam (from Poland), Muzi(?) [pronounced “Moo-zuh”] (Adam’s Chinese girlfriend), Robert (from New Zealand), Annie (from the Philippines), Sheryl (Robert’s Chinese girlfriend), and Christina (the ever-beautiful)