A Feminist Rite of Passage

So I guess Christina and I are real feminists now.  We’ve had a run-in with the Men’s Rights Movement.  This would be on Rational Riposte, in an article by Christina entitled, “Breaking the Shackles.”

So Christina read this article she saw on a MRM website entitled, “The Myth of Women’s Oppression” (that’s right: the myth), and suddenly we get fire-bombed by the author and his minions.  We had to start cracking down on what comments we allow onto our site.  All because of Men’s Rights Activists.

I would understand if her post had been even a little incendiary, but all she said was that she thought it was odd that the Men’s Rights Movement and feminism are at such odds with each other, when both movements are (ostensibly) about creating gender equality.  Well we no longer wonder about that one.

So our readership has skyrocketed by about 700%.  Unfortunately, I’d guess all but maybe seven of our readers are jackasses intent on bullying us for everything feminism has done for the last forty years.

Should I feel flattered that they’re so intent on shouting us down?  Like we’re that much of a threat?  Paul Elam, the author of “The Myth of Women’s Oppression” and self-described “Happy Misogynist,” tells us that only option left to them by feminism is counter-activism and ideological force.  Sooooo, sabotage and bullying?  There’s a worthy cause for ya. . . .

But Christina and I are moving past it.  I mean, what else can you do?  Twiddling around the web, I’m realizing this is something of a feminist rite of passage.  Seems many feminists have also come in contact with MRAs and with similar results.  I just can’t help but be boggled and a little saddened.  I mean, no doubt there are oppressed men in this world — I would never claim otherwise.  But this is their answer to it?  It makes me sad.  Sad that two groups, who both strive for equality and freedom, are divided by so much hate.

Oh well.  I guess you do what you can.