So I was reading about night vision the other day on Wikipedia, when I suddenly found myself reading the synopsis of Babe.  Then, as I finished the description of the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics, I wondered where the hell my day went.

But all was not for naught!  For it was then that I realized I had developed a new game for all the world to enjoy, based on the awesomeness of Wikipedia.  And this game I shall call (drum-roll, curtain):


Here’s how I see it working:  There are two variants, Wiki-links Challenge! and Six Degrees of Wiki-links.

In Wiki-links Challenge!, a challenger provides Wiki-linkers with the beginning and final topics, along with a set number of steps (standard: nine) until the final topic must be reached.  A complete list of limiting factors for a link-path can be found on the Wiki-links Challenge! page I have added to this website.

Six Degrees of Wiki-links can be played with two or more people.  The rules are basically the same as Six Degrees of Separation, bearing in mind the limiting factors in creating a link-path.  Players take turns challenging each other to link any two topics by following links on Wikipedia.

Ever Friday, I plan to add a new Wiki-links Challenge!  The first person to correctly discover the answer will win . . . I dunno . . . my undying respect (what do you want from me?).

Tell your family, tell your friends, tell me if you come up with any good challenges.  If you guess the answer, leave a comment.  Let’s see if we can’t create ourselves an internet meme!

Your first challenge shall be the one that started it all:

Night vision – * – * – * – Babe (film) – * – * – * – Copenhagen interpretation

Happy linking!