About Me

I am a mass of contradictions and desires. My name is Chris Walsh.

Welcome to my blog. I am many things, and here is where I try to sort them all out. My main loves are reading, writing, and a woman named Christina. The Brain Dump is my sanctuary in which I can explore ideas as they come to me. I also chronicle the progress I am (or am not) making on my first novel and in life in general. I also review books and movies and occasionally vent about the state of humanity.

For the past two years, Christina and I have been living in Anyang, Henan, China, teaching English at Anyang Normal University. We’ve had some ups and downs and we’ll be returning to the United States soon, but it has been a wild ride.

Regular features include a Pic o’ the Week and Wiki-links Challenge! Comments are always welcome. Let me know if I’ve done anything you like. You might just get more of it.


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