Wiki-links Challenge!

Welcome to the Wiki-links Challenge! page.  Wiki-links is a game of my invention made possible by the wonderful world of Wikipedia.

The Rules

Similar to Six Degrees of Separation, players of Wiki-links (Wiki-linkers) attempt to connect two seemingly unrelated topics on Wikipedia via the links on each page.  In the Challenge! variant of the game, a challenger provides Wiki-linkers with the beginning and final topic, along with a set number of steps (standard: nine) until the final topic must be reached.  Limiting factors are as follows:

1. No back linking. That is, a challenger cannot exploit a topic page twice in one challenge.  If a link-path goes through DiamondUltravioletMicroorganismAntonie van Leeuwenhoek – …, one cannot link back to any of those topics again.

2. Link-paths must follow a path of least linking. That is, if your ultimate goal is Norwegian resistance movement but you are already on Norway and want to add one more link to the path, you cannot go NorwayOccupation of Norway by Nazi GermanyNorwegian resistance movement, because there is already a link to the NRM on the Norway page.

3. All links must stay within Wikipedia.

These rules will (most likely) be edited or added to as the game is played in order to increasing fairness and fun.  Happy linking!




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